30th August 2023 · The Clay Team

How to Contact LinkedIn Support – One Click to Email LinkedIn Support

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Whether you need to contact LinkedIn support for LinkedIn account recovery, LinkedIn learning, LinkedIn Search, an issue with content, or something else, this article will help you skip the support labyrinth and directly access the email submission form screen. This email should also work as a LinkedIn Sales Navigator contact.

In addition to providing the direct link to contact LinkedIn support, this article also includes helpful tips for when you contact LinkedIn to help you get resolution as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How to Contact LinkedIn Support – The Direct Link to their Email Support

  1. Ensure you are logged into your LinkedIn Account. This is a critical step.
  2. Click this link.
  3. Fill out the content and details of your question for LinkedIn Support.
  • For a LinkedIn Sales Navigator contact point and other paid services like LinkedIn choose Premium, or select Sales Navigator in the " In Which App or Site" dropdown.
  • For LinkedIn account recovery, choose Login/Password
  1. Submit your request to contact LinkedIn and get an email answer from their support team.

The page that the link leads to will look like this:

Tips to Contact LinkedIn Support

Be Nice

Customer support agents are usually in stressful positions trying to troubleshoot complex issues on the fly. Be as kind as you can in your email and in any follow-ups. This will help the customer support agent get right into solving the issue instead of having to also defuse your anger or frustration.

Context is King

The more context you can provide about your issue, how the issue came up, and things you've tried to resolve the issue, the better. This will limit the number of back-and-forth emails and provide quicker resolution. This will also help the customer support agent search for the right solution, identify patterns, and see bigger issues that they could resolve – impacting lots of customers!

Choose Wisely

Select the correct issue category carefully when you initially submit your question. This will help the LinkedIn team route it to the correct team as quickly as possible, which will speed up your resolution time. For LinkedIn account recovery, for example, choose Login/Password.

Escalate if Necessary

If you have a particularly difficult issue, the first customer support person you interact with might not be able to solve it for you. You may need to speak to a second or third-level support person. These support agents have been at the company for a long time and are well-versed in identifying and solving complex product issues. They jump in when other agents cannot solve issues. Typically the first agent you work with will identify when they need extra help and pass your case off proactively, but if it seems like they are struggling a bit and not passing your case off you can kindly ask that they escalate the case. Escalations are common for thorny product issues, but also for billing problems.

After You Contact LinkedIn Support

After you successfully contact LinkedIn support and resolve your issue, be sure to provide a review for your customer support agent to give them feedback on how they helped you, or on how they might improve in the future. It's easy to dismiss customer satisfaction surveys, but support teams do take them seriously and use them to improve their processes.

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