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Introducing Clay for Teams

Finally, manage all your personal and professional relationships

Move beyond the CRM—automatically organize, intelligently search and keep your entire network in sync.

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Everybody in one place. Automatically updated.

Everyone you’ve ever met automatically imported in real time, enriched with your work
and education information, and proactively updated.

Save hours of time and never miss an important relationship update

Set reminders for big moments, get intelligent prompts to get back in touch, and see life
updates without the noise of social media.

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Erin Mikail Staples

I use clay.earth and it’s been doing wonders. Also incorporates email, calendar and even text messages and has notes built in. For all those times that you’re like “I swear I know someone in that space”

Tem Nugmanov

Clay is an incredibly thoughtfully and aesthetically built product. I’ve been on the hunt for a personal CRM for a long-time before finally finding Clay. It’s just too good.

My favorite thing is the “Review” dashboard that curates (re)connection prompts and enables you to stay on top of your network 10/10 Product.

Mert Alemdar

As a dedicated Obsidian user in the past, my encounter with Clay eliminated the need for anything else. Clay offers an extremely simple, minimalist, and user-friendly interface. Now, I can activate my notes directly from any application on my computer, effortlessly translating my thoughts into writing.

Moreover, thanks to artificial intelligence integration, I have the freedom to intervene in my notes in any desired direction, and I can receive assistance in discovering the relationships between the notes afterward. This experience is truly astounding, and in my view, I no longer need anything else.

Leila Blauner

I love that Clay serves as a fast memory refresher. For any person in contacts in any communication system or that I've had contact with before, Clay will tell me how me how many times I've spoken with them and over what time period, in what formats, etc. and will show me those communications. This is useful before meetings as a memory refresher or if a name just looks familiar but I can't remember how I know the person.

Additionally, their customer service is outstanding. They are so responsive, caring, and helpful. Riri was the last person that helped me, and I suspect Riri is probably representative of the whole team.


The user experience, overall sentiment, and interface design in Clay are world class. It is an excellent relationship manager that helps you consolidate contacts, take notes, and remember when to reach out. It has a lot of useful features, such as reminders, search, contact updates, and more.

Clay is an awesome platform with huge potential, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Jaclyn Siu

Low-key the most excited about @ClayHQ since I’ve long practiced thoughtful networking, a philosophy never reflected in CRM tools until now. Relationship mgmt is a delicate art and clay seems to get it right. Contacts syncing as I tweet!

Relationships entrusted to Clay

With over one hundred million relationships entrusted to our care, you're in good company. Experience firsthand how Clay can revolutionize your productivity, work and happiness.

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