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An Introduction

People are at the heart of what we do.

People make us laugh, challenge us to improve, support us when things are tough, and celebrate with us once they get better. But being more generous, more responsive, more conscientious, more considerate with those people? That takes effort.

Almost all successful people naturally identify the importance of conscientiousness, spending time and money to remember the most important parts of their careers and lives — other people. Personally, we grew tired of endlessly switching apps, of the slapdash nature of maintaining close personal and professional contacts in notes apps and Excel files, DMs and texts. We wanted a more streamlined and thoughtful approach for keeping in touch with our ever-growing network. And after searching and searching for something better, we built it ourselves.

We subscribe to the idea that being thoughtful and helpful with people is still too difficult. It’s something we all know intuitively. To achieve more, to be more successful, to be happier, we need to start thinking about others first.

If you agree, you're going to love Clay.

Your personal rolodex

Everyone you know, in one place.

Clay automatically builds a collection of everyone you know — securely connect your email, calendar, Twitter, Linkedin, and iMessage.

Say goodbye to entering information manually, mindless tagging, and out-of-date details. Clay populates photos, bios, education and work history, location, and social profiles automatically, and keeps them updated over time.

Deepen your relationships.

Every part of Clay is impeccably designed to help you remember the people in your life.

Jot it down

Clay is the fastest and most powerful way to take notes before, during, and after a conversation with someone. Remember kids names, vacation itineraries, and that last article you read that you’ve been dying to share, all by writing a note on someone's card.

You can even take notes directly from a Clay push notification, so you’re never distracted from your conversation with someone.

And when you're on the go, Clay's specially-tuned voice transcription uses machine learning to properly spell and capitalize names, companies, and places.

Contacts, with context

We don’t remember days, we remember moments. Now you can remember the last time you chatted or the first time you met, all without leaving Clay. It’s a trip down memory lane to all the moments that matter most.

Better together

Dinner party faves? Book club? High school friends? Easily add people to groups so you can organize people however makes sense to you.

Right person, right time

Seeing the right person at the right time is like magic. Set a reminder for particular days — like a birthday or anniversary — or pick a preset to see someone later in just one tap.

Cultivate serendipity.

Every feature in Clay is intentionally crafted to introduce serendipity and chance into your network, to recreate that feeling of running into someone on the street or seeing an old friend.

See the big picture

Never miss a beat with Explore — a powerful, high-level view of all the updates from your entire network. Be the first to congratulate someone when they change jobs, or when they're mentioned in thousands of top print and digital publications.

Search like you think

You remember people in different ways — where you last met to catch up, when you last saw them, what you talked about. Just type what comes to mind and Clay will find the right person or group of people based on your notes and their profile, all in milliseconds. It's the easiest, most powerful person search available anywhere.

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Thasunda Brown Duckett
Thasunda Brown Duckett
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Christine Lagarde
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Barbara Corcoran
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@Shaun and I just had wonderful meeting about her new film. She’d love to give us an early screening along with @Chioma Nnadi
@Shaun and I just had wonderful meeting about her new film. She’d love to
Connect the dots

Mention people in your notes and Clay will automatically remember the relationship between them, so you always understand who knows whom.

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Never forget a
birthday again

You own your data, period.


iOS homescreen widgets

Bernard J. Tyson
Delphine, Laysha, Daron, Eric, Benoit, Henrietta
2:15 PM - 3:00 PM •
Melanie Harris
Reminder • JULY 4 2021
Ana Botín

Smart push notifications

in 5m
Take a note during your meeting with Tasunda, Delphine, Ana and 4 others

Apple Silicon
M1 chip support

Beautiful dark and light themes

Connect with 1000+ tools using Zapier

  • Rich push notifications
  • Native share sheet
  • Siri Suggestions
  • Spotlight Search
  • Swift UI
  • Optimized For Retina Displays
  • iOS homescreen widgets
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Sign in with Apple
  • Reconnect prompts
  • Unified Search
  • Smart enrich
  • User profiles
  • Quick Notes
  • Command bar
  • Markdown support
  • Built for speed
  • Advanced search syntax
  • Zapier integration
  • News articles
  • Network updates

I’ve been absolutely loving using Clay the last few months. The only way I can describe it is magical.

Thanks for making such a wonderful app. It’s now become a daily part of my workflow and an indispensable tool.


I've had "make a personal CRM" on my list since the April, but never did and and boom! I'm scrolling Twitter and learn about @ClayHQ! Life changing 😅

This is the best product design I have ever seen

Kudos on building a great product...thoughtful thinking and empathy to users really shows


Y’all I’ve been using as a personal CRM and it’s been a LIFESAVER. Highly recommend.


I just onboarded onto Clay and I’m very impressed with your product. The details, the design and the way the product makes me feel - it’s love at first sight 🙂. I'm excited for the next phase of my user journey as I start to use the product!


After 10 years of searching, is the best personal CRM by far


I’ve really enjoyed Clay so far. Quite a magical experience to auth my email and then have all of my contacts magically appear in Clay, along with when I last had an interaction with them. Onboarding has been the step I’ve struggled with the most when using other personal CRM tools.

Your command bar implementation is one of the more thoughtful that I’ve seen. In particular, I really like how you integrated contact search into the bar. As a result I use the bar quite often, which nudges me to explore more commands. You’ve also impressively managed to show a lot of search metadata elegantly. From personal experience this is no small feat :)


In a Zoom/@GrainHQ-heavy world, was an incredibly valuable app. In NYC this week, Clay has been the most valuable app on my phone after Messages.

This is exactly what I need! Good job so far.

Kiren is the relationship management app I've always wanted. Thanks for putting it on my radar, @_shahedk!


I am only a few days into using your product and I am obsessed with it.


Search is a game changer for me. There is no product I've used with a helpful search experience regarding connections. Super!

I gotta say I'm incredibly impressed with the experience so far.


I loved the onboarding experience. I’ve tried many personal CRM solutions but the pre-made profile based on connected accounts feels awesome. The cold start problem and the amount of work to keep the data up-to-date have been an issue in my experience. But Clay seems to have solved them.

It must be a lot of effort, but I REALLY appreciate the macOS app and iOS app. Having standalone (non-browser) apps is a killer feature for my workflow.

Thanks for such a straightforward privacy policy.

I’ll keep feedback coming, but you have a really great product.


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Will Allen

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Shannon Brayton

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