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Clay for Recruiters

Clay is a beautiful and private home for personal and professional relationships—effortlessly accessible during interviews, networking events, and on the go.

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Recruiting comes with a diverse set of responsibilities. Be it reaching out, interviewing, and reviewing referrals or staying on top of candidate’s life updates like moving to a new city or changing jobs, there's a lot on your plate at any given time.

There is one common theme that runs through everything under your purview—other people. The most successful recruiters understand how connecting with others fosters growth and recognize the value of cultivating serendipity through conscientiousness.

Whether you’re juggling recruiting alongside other responsibilities at a small startup or working as a hiring manager at a large, established firm in tandem with an HR team, your relationships deeply impact your personal fulfillment and professional success. It's never too late to intentionally nurture thoughtful interaction, but balancing being helpful and present for your growing network can be difficult.

That's why recruiters across all industries use Clay to deepen their relationships with candidates, remain thoughtful with the new people they meet, and stay connected for future opportunities.

Recruiters write down all kinds of things—potential job boards, DEI initiatives, and conference seminars. Clay is tailor-made for taking notes on people and encourages thoughtful interaction, from the first message to the final decision. Engage more richly with those around you by writing down important dates, gift ideas, or your colleagues' interests outside of work.

Now you have a place to save:

  • What a new hire studied in college and why
  • Candidate location changes, timeline requests, and career aspirations
  • State park recommendations on the west coast from a peer

All notes in Clay are searchable, as are dozens of data points for each contact, some automatically pulled by social platform integrations. This empowers you to quickly recall with whom you were discussing a specific topic or who's in a city that you are visiting for an event.

Everything you want to know, at your fingertips:

  • Who works remotely from Hyderabad?
  • Who said they were interested in pivoting to creative direction?
  • Who used to work at Lyft?

Clay encourages you to reconnect with people you haven't contacted lately and allows you to set reminders so you stay in touch.

Be thoughtful at the right moment:

  • Follow up on a friend after you put them in touch with a peer in a different industry
  • Congratulate an old colleague on their new job
  • Catch up with a former coworker you haven't spoken to in a while

Clay’s unique Explore feature notifies you when someone you know is mentioned in the news or changes their Twitter bio or location. It’s the best way to receive updates on candidates and colleagues and ensure your outreach is timely and meaningful.