Collaborative networking for Teams

Today, we have the pleasure of launching the newest version of Clay: a collaborative CRM to keep your team’s entire network in sync.

We started by talking with many teams who experience the pain and confusion of not understanding the relationships they have as an organization or team.

We then took a first principles approach to solve the 3 main problems they experience managing relationships at work:

  1. Knowing how individuals are connected both internally and externally
  2. Having a central view of all the relationships of my team or company
  3. Managing and keeping those relationships up to date

Now you'll have a full picture of every single individual relationship as a team. See all the interactions anyone in your company has had with them in a beautiful timeline. Search across the entire network with our blazing fast smart search and ask any questions using our AI navigator, Nexus.

To navigate all of this information, we've combined our home and review pages into a an extremely powerful new unified Home view—a command center for everything going on in your network.

Teams that have tried this latest release have told us they've closed more deals, found better candidates, dramtically reduced their software budget, and most importantly unlocked deeper more meaningful relationships.

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