24th January 2024 · The Clay Team

Celebrating 100 Million Relationships

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We are excited to announce that Clay has achieved a significant milestone today! 100 million relationships have been entrusted to our care worldwide.

To commemorate this landmark occasion, we’ve crafted a special live visualization at clay.earth/serendipity.

This progress brings us closer to our goal of expanding global conscientiousness by pushing the boundaries of what we can naturally achieve in relationships.

None of this would have been possible without your help in building the Clay network. Research on the science of relationships consistently shows that it is one of the greatest factors in health, wealth, and happiness.

We see this firsthand through Clay members. We are continually inspired by the heartwarming stories we receive from people who have found new jobs and reconnected with old relationships through Clay.

There is nothing that energizes us more than serving all of you. We are only just beginning!


Matt & Zach


clay.earth/serendipity is a gorgeous visual data story with live statistics of our scale and network effects. Here is how we computed some of these statistics:

  • Relationships: The number of contacts Clay members currently have in Clay
  • Moments: The number of email messages, calendar events, and text messages Clay has processed across all those contacts
  • Time saved: The number of minutes Clay members have saved in tedious data entry by using Clay’s automatic enrichment, reminders, and Reconnect features to remember people over time
  • API: Clay’s average response time over the past 24 hours for pulling a contact card, which includes full profile information, relationship history, and notes
  • Activity map: A live view of Clay members interacting with Clay across iOS, web, Mac, and Windows

Note that all data is aggregated and anonymized. The activity map in particular is anonymized with special care according to best practices in GIS data, and Clay never asks for location permissions.

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