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Clay for Nonprofits

Clay is a beautiful and private home for your personal and professional relationships—effortlessly accessible in meetings and at events.

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Solving the world's toughest problems comes with a diverse set of responsibilities. Whether you're organizing volunteers for a virtual concerts or running logistics at a food bank, spearheading fundraising to fill potholes on mountain-side roads or building a community to support up-and-coming BIPOC creatives, there's a lot that falls under your purview.

One of the most pivotal parts of your day-to-day is the people you work with. Your coworkers, team, volunteers, and donors amplify your efforts to make the world a better place, and the people you meet inspire you to continue.

Be it launching a new initiative, expanding to a different city, or reaching out to old friends or annual partners, your relationships deeply impact your personal fulfillment and professional success. Intentionally cultivating more thoughtful interactions is paramount to your work, but balancing being helpful and present for those who are important to you alongside life can be difficult.

That's why nonprofit organizations in a variety of sectors from educational empowerment to solving social issues use Clay to deepen their relationships with their colleagues, remain thoughtful with the new people they meet, and stay connected for future opportunities. We recognize the gravity of meaningful and conscientious connections and have built a tool to help you nurture stronger ones.

You take notes for all kinds of things—meeting minutes, budget considerations, quarterly reports, and upcoming events. You understand the value of jotting down information that could be useful in the future, but do you take notes for the people in your life? Engage more richly with those around you by writing down important dates, book and article recommendations, and what conferences your peers are attending.

Now you have a place to save:

  • A colleague's anniversary
  • The best way to contact a past donor to reconnect
  • Coffeeshops a volunteer recommended

All notes in Clay are searchable, as are dozens of data points for each contact, some automatically pulled by social platform integrations. This empowers you to quickly recall with whom you were discussing an idea or who's in a city that you are visiting for an event.

Everything you want to know, at your fingertips:

  • Who does pro bono legal work in Chicago?
  • What are all the volunteers' emails?
  • How long have you known Quinn?

Clay encourages you to reconnect with people you haven't contacted lately and allows you to set reminders so you stay in touch.

Be thoughtful at the right moment:

  • Reach out to an important sponsor after they're mentioned in the news
  • Catch up with a program alum to see how they're doing
  • Grab lunch with an old friend when you're back in town

We offer complimentary membership to volunteers and employees of 501(c)(3) organizations—email us at team@clay.earth from your organization email or with proof of volunteering, and we’ll send you an invite.