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14th October 2022 · The Clay Team

Clay for Real Estate Agents

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One of the most important factors of being a successful real estate agent is maintaining meaningful points of contact with your clients and network. We’ve designed Clay from the ground up to help you build your relationships.

The best way to build and maintain your relationships

Your Clay Home screen shows important life updates about the people you know. This is where you’ll see any Twitter bio changes and news articles that your contacts are mentioned in, creating natural and meaningful reasons to reconnect.

You might notice that someone changed their location, or was featured in an article about a huge career accomplishment — use those moments to inspire interaction and reach out to wish them luck on the move or congratulate the promotion.

Review shows you the relationships you should be aware of each day: the people you are meeting that day, any reminders you’ve set for your relationships, and anyone with whom Clay thinks you should consider reconnecting.

You can choose the number of people you’d like Clay’s intelligent algorithm to suggest reconnecting with in settings, from 0-10. You can also manually set Reconnect cadences based on each particular relationship.

You’ll also see a brief of the day’s meetings and any reminders you’ve set for yourself.

Sifting through your Reconnects and Reminders to see if there are any items you should take action on is a great routine to start your day. Once you’ve taken the action or decided one isn’t needed, you can clear the reminders — like it’s a daily relationship to do list!

You can also prep for your day’s meetings by clicking into the contact to see history of past interactions and creating notes for the upcoming meeting. You can freshen up on the personal details you noted in the past so you can pick up the conversation right where you left off!

This is where you can track anniversaries of closing dates, client’s children’s birthdays, pet’s names, and anything else you might want to remember.

Clay helps you be the type of person to remember the small personal details that make the biggest difference in maintaining meaningful relationships. Ultimately, Clay is here to help you build your connections and be more thoughtful with people, which helps you keep your network strong and authentic, while staying on top of any potential opportunities. You can learn more tips and tricks about using Clay here.

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