Be more thoughtful with people.

Introducing Clay, the beautiful and private home for all your relationships. Populated from the ground up using your calendar and social history, Clay is the most stunning, powerful way to remember who you’ve met—and what matters to them.

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At Clay, we believe that the best personal relationship manager, or PRM, is the one you actually use. One that's hand-crafted to be useful. One that includes everyone in your life. One that doesn't require data entry or manual work. Not an automated PRM, but something that helped us be more thoughtful with people.

But we couldn't find a good PRM anywhere — so we built it ourselves.

Clay is a beautiful, private version of LinkedIn that's just your rolodex, with nothing else. Connect your calendar, email, Twitter, and LinkedIn to automatically build your network from the ground up. Search for anyone, take notes, and find out when your connections are in the news. It's the personal relationship manager we always wanted, and we think you'll love it.