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Some of your closest relationships are in Facebook. Classmates, relatives, coworkers, and old friends make up the hundreds or thousands of friends you have on Facebook.

Facebook can be a great tool for staying in touch with people but it's not a perfect solution. Maybe you are taking a break from social media, or maybe you just want to have a backup of your Facebook friends! Either way, you'd like to export your friends to a secure location where you can still stay in touch with them.

That's why we've built an easy way to bring your relationships out of Facebook. Clay's one click import will bring a copy of all of your Facebook friends into Clay, along with their birthdays. From there, you can use Clay's advanced contact management features to stay in touch with your Facebook friends. Or, just keep Clay as a backup of your Facebook friends!

How it Works

After you've created a Clay account by signing up below, open the app. Navigate to settings by clicking the smiling face in the upper right corner and selecting "Settings". Scroll down to Connected Accounts, and click "Add Facebook". Enter your credentials, and you are ready to go. Easy!