Be more thoughtful with people.

Introducing Clay, the beautiful and private home for all your relationships. Populated from the ground up using your calendar and social history, Clay is the most stunning, powerful way to remember who you’ve met—and what matters to them.

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Google Contacts is an amazing resource for managing contact information, but it was never designed to be the way you interact with your personal and professional networks. Who was that person I met last week? Let me see if I can find it...

We looked everywhere for a Google Contacts alternative but couldn't find one that worked. So we built it ourselves.

Clay is a beautiful, private version of your contacts that's just your rolodex, with nothing else. Connect your calendar, email, Twitter, and LinkedIn to automatically build your network from the ground up. Search for anyone, take notes, and find out when your connections are in the news. It's the best parts of Google Contacts, reinvented for the 21st century.