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The first AI navigator for your entire network.

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Introducing Nexus

Nexus is the first collaborative partner to help you navigate your entire network. Combining the latest in artificial intelligence with the full power of Clay — whatever you want to ask, Nexus has the answers.

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Perfect Recall

All The Right Context

Nexus has context for the entirety of your relationships and is able to seamlessly understand any request about your network. Ask Nexus for help with reasons to get back in touch, ideas for the perfect outreach email, and even the perfect gift idea for that special touch.

Instant Leverage

Less Stress, More Time

Whether you're a salesperson looking to deepen relationships with key clients, a freelancer managing multiple stakeholders, or a small-business owner juggling vendor relationships, Nexus is the perfect guide. Save time finding the right person, identify opportunities quicker, make better introductions, and host the perfect events.

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