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Clay is a beautiful and private home for your personal, professional, and academic relationships—purposefully designed for life on campus and beyond.

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Whether you’re in undergrad or a bootcamp, a licensing program or grad school, post-doc research or trade school, education is a formative and challenging period of your life. Preparing for a future career and meeting a lot of new people go hand-in-hand.

One of the most pivotal parts of your educational experience is the people you meet along the way. Your peers, advisors, professors, counselors are future close friends, cofounders, confidantes, or coworkers. Unexpected connections materialize when someone at a networking event recommends a book that changes your life or a classmate becomes a co-author a few years down the line.

Whether you’re beginning your career, changing careers, or pursuing academic research full-time, your educational relationships deeply impact your personal and professional fulfillment. It's never too early to intentionally cultivate more conscientious connections; however, it can be difficult to juggle everything that comes with being thoughtful and present for your growing network in addition to your interests.

That’s why students in a variety of disciplines, programs, and institutions use Clay to deepen their relationships with their friends, remain thoughtful with the new people they meet, and stay connected for future opportunities.

Students take notes for all kinds of things—exam review, reading annotations, dissertation footnotes, and internship prospects. You understand the value of jotting down information that could be useful in the future, but do you take notes for the people in your life? Saving pertinent information such as important dates, gift ideas, or office hours helps you engage more richly with those around you.

Now you have a place to save:

  • How a professor prefers to be contacted
  • What a friend in class wants to do after graduating
  • Travel recommendations from a friend

All notes in Clay are searchable, as are dozens of data points for each contact, some automatically pulled by social platform integrations. This empowers you to quickly recall with whom you were discussing a specific topic or who's in a city that you are visiting for a conference.

Everything you want to know, at your fingertips:

  • Who spent time living in Taiwan as a kid before moving to Minnetonka?
  • Who's on the TEDx organizing team?
  • Which designers in New York could you reach out to for an upcoming project?
  • Who in Section A have I not seen in a while?

Clay encourages you to reconnect with people you haven't contacted lately and allows you to set reminders so you stay in touch.

Be thoughtful at the right moment:

  • Check in with a friend right after their exam
  • Email a recruiter to check if you made it to the next round
  • Catch up with an old friend who graduated last year

We offer complimentary memberships to students—email us at from your university or program email or with proof of attendance, and we’ll send you an invite.