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Clay for Investors

Clay is a beautiful and private home for your personal and professional relationships—effortlessly accessible in board rooms, meetings, and at events.

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Investors have a lot to keep track of. Whether it's advising portfolio companies and nurturing relationships with new founders or keeping your finger on the pulse, there's a lot that falls under your purview.

The common theme running through this diverse set of responsibilities is relationships. The most successful investors understand how connecting with others fosters growth, and they recognize the value of cultivating serendipity by building strong and thoughtful bonds.

Relationships underpin personal and professional success, but meaningful ones require consistent, conscientious effort over a long period of time. Over the decades, investors have used various tools to grow these relationships—the rolodex, notecards, notebooks, email, LinkedIn, spreadsheets. However, each of these tools has its own deficiencies and tradeoffs.

Clay takes the best of these approaches and synthesizes them into one beautiful tool that you can carry at all times. Take notes, set reminders, get prompted to reconnect, and search across your contacts with ease. That way, you'll be ready for someone you met at a dinner last week to become an important part of launching a strategic partnership in a couple years.

You take notes for all kinds of things—pitch meetings, news and trade press, follow-ups from calls, analyst reports. If you're tired of your company's slow CRM and updating your personal CRM Notion page, you're going to love Clay. Write down important dates, gift ideas, or your coworkers' interests outside of work to engage more richly with those around you.

Now you have a place to save:

  • A founder's timeline for fundraising
  • What an associate studied in college and why
  • Reading recommendations from a partner at another firm

All notes in Clay are searchable, as are dozens of data points for each contact, some automatically pulled by social platform integrations. This empowers you to quickly recall with whom you were discussing a specific topic or who's in a city that you are visiting soon.

Everything you want to know, at your fingertips:

  • Who went to HBS with Xander?
  • Who just bought a golden retriever for their kids?
  • Which Twitter followers work in marketing at healthcare companies in San Jose?

Clay encourages you automatically to reconnect with people you haven't contacted lately and also allows you to manually set the frequency of those prompts so you don't forget to reach out. Additionally, Clay intelligently sets reminders when future dates are mentioned in notes, meaning you'll be prompted to follow up.

Be thoughtful at the right moment:

  • Check in with a GP after an earnings call
  • Follow up with a CEO after you put them in touch with a peer in their industry
  • Catch up with a former coworker you haven't spoken to in a while

Clay allows you to seamlessly share access, so if there's someone who helps with your day-to-day such as scheduling meetings or sending emails, you can give them access to your notes and contacts.