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Kat Cole

President, COO, & Board of Directors at Athletic Greens
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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Kat Cole is a seasoned executive and leader with extensive expertise in building global brands, businesses, and high performing teams. As a board member, investor, and advisor, she has broad experience in leading consumer brands, food, retail, and scaling franchise organizations through various stages of growth. With extensive experience in strategy, operations, culture and communications, crisis-management, development, M&A/reorganization, change management, integrating digital and physical brand expressions and communities, multi-channel brand extensions, consumer brands, marketing, PR & media, licensing, strategic alliances & partnerships, domestic and international franchising, operating model pivots, Kat has built businesses at the intersection of Main Street and Wall Street, connecting big brands and businesses with small and mid-sized independent business owners.

Kat functions as a change management speaker and facilitator, with a focus on innovation, leadership development, business integration (Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Model Transition, High Growth, Hyper Competitive Markets), resilience, driving sales and impact, and multi-channel brand architecture. She is also a board member for both private and public VC and PE-backed companies, as well as trade associations, industry groups, and non-profit organizations. As a volunteer, she supports the development of underserved populations worldwide by providing skill training, entrepreneurial mindset, and sustainable practices.

Kat studied EMBA, Business/International Business, at Georgia State University's J. Mack Robinson College of Business. She was previously the COO and president at Focus Brands, president of Cinnabon, Inc., board member of WFF and GRA, and vice president at Hooters of America. She is currently the president, COO, and board member at Athletic Greens, and formerly a board member at HumanCo SPAC, Slice, and Milk Bar. She was also a global entrepreneur council member at the United Nations and a young global leader (YGL) at the World Economic Forum.

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