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Julie Murray

Secretary Extraordnaire :) at Modern Molding Technology, Inc.
Lexington, Kentucky, United States
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Julie Murray, a master of arts in special education and teaching from Georgetown College and a graduate in bachelor of science in environmental science from Morehead State University, is a hardworking and self-starting mother of two lovely young ladies. Beginning at an early age, Julie learned the value of a buck, leading to a strong work ethic that she maintains to this day. She has tried her hand at various career paths and believes in doing something that not only challenges her but also brings satisfaction and happiness.

Currently, Julie works in the manufacturing industry and has been gaining knowledge daily in plastic injection molding. She also serves as the Treasurer for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). Her expertise has extended through her previous experiences in various fields, such as an independent skin care and beauty consultant at Mary Kay Inc., an intervention specialist at Campbell County High School, and a supply technician in logistics at L-3 Communications.

Julie's family life is of utmost importance to her, and she finds a healthy balance between her personal and professional life through her dedication in various organizations. Her eagerness to learn and grow personally and professionally has been a part of her life since early on, which has driven her to keep bettering herself.

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