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What are Dani D'Ambrosio’s favorite books?
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Dani D'Ambrosio

Director of Marketing at FLAIM Systems
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Dani D'Ambrosio has built a diverse skill set in her decade-long career, primarily in the startup and investment industries. With a background in journalism and management, she has worked for major news outlets and startups around the world, developing proficiency in digital product and marketing strategy, content strategy, and business development. She has served as the Director of Marketing at FLAIM Systems, Ventures Associate at C2 Capital, Director of Product and Operations at, and Product Manager at Business Spectator and Eureka Report. Dani has a passion for helping founders scale their businesses, and she leverages her knowledge and experience to consult with a range of companies to streamline operations, optimize the customer experience, and drive growth. Dani is open to conversations about how she can help businesses reach their goals.

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