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What are some of Christina Fotinelli’s interests or hobbies?
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Christina Fotinelli

Senior Producer - live, digital, virtual events - video content - live-stream experiences
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
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Christina Fotinelli is a seasoned senior producer with vast experience in managing multi-disciplinary teams to deliver high-quality content and concepts across multiple platforms. She is an expert in producing live, digital, and virtual events, entertainment, and corporate video content, remote productions, and live stream experiences. Christina is also client-facing, with excellent communication skills and a grounded approach to ensure that delivery is optimal, cost-efficient and within set timeframes.

She is a graduate of Northwestern University and has a European Master's degree in AudioVisual Management from Magica-EMAM. Christina is the owner of Rivet Event Management and has worked as a Senior Producer at Dreamtek, Brands at Work, and Proud Robinson & Partners. She has also held positions at White Label Live Events, Reload Greece, Grass Roots Media, Inc, London Indian Film Festival, Hearst Magazines UK, Hearst Magazines International, MEC, Showtime Arabia, and CNN International.

As a Director of Marketing Communications, North America at MEC, Christina honed her marketing and communications skills, and as a Promotions Producer at Showtime Arabia, she mastered her creative side. Her expertise in producing live events and corporate video content are well-respected, and her clients have praised her excellent communication skills and grounded approach to their projects.

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