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The Future of Clay

Today, we're excited and grateful to announce Clay has raised an $8 million seed round. This spectacular round includes some of the most forward-thinking investors in consumer brands and software who deeply believe in thoughtful relationship-building.

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Originally published August 30, 2021

Our investors include Forerunner Ventures, which has been one of the earliest partners with category-defining brands like Glossier, Warby Parker, and Chime; General Catalyst, which has invested in leading digital products like Airbnb, Stripe, and Snap; and Notation Capital, Caffeinated Capital, Slow Ventures, and others.

Those storied firms are joined by a list of angel investors across industries who embody conscientiousness, including:

  • Adam Evans: Former co-founder of RelateIQ
  • Amanda Slavin: Author and marketing strategist
  • Avichal Garg: Former Director of Product at Facebook
  • Brian O’Malley: General Partner at Forerunner Ventures
  • Charlie Songhurst: Former head of M&A at Microsoft
  • Colin Zima: Data at HotelTonight, Google Search Engineer
  • Derek Dolin: Music manager for Calvin Harris
  • Jaclyn Rice Nelson: Fomer VP at Google Capital
  • Jeff Morris Jr.: Former VP of Product, Revenue at Tinder
  • Jonah Goodhart: Former SVP at Oracle
  • Josh Miller: CEO at The Browser Company
  • Kelvin Beachum Jr.: NFL athlete, investor, and philanthropist
  • Kevin Hartz: Co-founder of Eventbrite
  • Kirsten Green: Founder of Forerunner Ventures
  • Lindsay Kaplan: Co-Founder of Chief; VP of Brand at Casper
  • Lindsay Ullman: VP of Product at Angi
  • Niko Bonatsos: Managing Director at General Catalyst
  • Peter Boyce II: Founder at Stellation Capital
  • Quentin Clark: Managing Director at General Catalyst
  • Ryan Delk: Co-founder of Primer
  • Sam Lessin: Former VP of Product at Facebook
  • Shannon (Stubo) Brayton: Investor and former CMO of LinkedIn
  • Will Allen: Investor and former NFL athlete
  • Zoelle Egner: Former marketing lead at Airtable ...and many more.

These senior leaders believe in our mission of helping individuals be more thoughtful with the people and relationships in their personal and professional lives.

Over a twenty year career, the average person meets over 3,500 new people. 55% of Linkedin users have over 500 connections. And yet 50% of professionals say it's hard to keep in touch with their network, and 30% of millennials report feeling lonely at work.

And yet despite our growing networks, lasting relationships are more important than ever before. More than 60% of people get a new job from a previous coworker, boss, or client. And meaningful relationships are scientifically linked to higher salaries, longer employee retention, and greater reported personal happiness.

This has been an incredibly challenging year, and we know a lot of people who are in really tough positions. This year has removed a lot about what happens at work. In a lot of ways, it's even made us ask — what is work? It's not the office. It's not the water cooler. It's the people. That's what matters.

So as the world reopens, we're lucky and grateful that people are investing in their relationships more than ever. This round will support Clay's growth and product development, including features that have never been available for consumers before.

Learn more and get started at clay.earth, and join our team at clay.earth/careers.