Clay is the world's first CRM for iMessage, allowing you to easily, privately, and automatically track and share interactions with friends, customers, and colleagues.

How it works

With Clay’s iMessage integration, managing your contacts becomes a breeze. The system automatically creates contact cards for individuals you've texted and adds information like their work history, location, and social profiles — no more manual data entry.

Connect iMessage

Clay then automatically organizes and tags your contacts, making it easy to remember who someone is and the last time you talked to them. This is especially useful for professionals who rely on iMessage for business communications, offering a streamlined way to keep track of important conversations and contacts.

The integration process with iMessage is simple and straightforward. Clay respects your privacy and security, adhering to strict policies to protect the confidentiality of your messages. It’s important to note that Clay does not import the content of your messages, nor can it send messages on your behalf. This focus on security and privacy makes Clay a trustworthy choice for managing your iMessage contacts.

With Clay, you get much more control over your contacts. Clay intelligently ranks and organizes people based on your iMessage interaction frequency, ensuring the most relevant contacts are always easily accessible. This automated organization saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on your conversations rather than managing your contact list.

And you can connect more than just iMessage with Clay — add your email, calendar, Twitter, Linkedin, contacts, and more so you have all of your people in one place.

Learn more

To learn more about Clay, visit our website and sign up for a free trial.