One Touch Facebook Birthdays Export

We've built an easy, secure, quick way to export your birthdays from Facebook.

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Birthdays may be the last thing keeping you on Facebook – until now, there just hasn't been an easy way to see all your friends' birthdays in one place outside of the blue app. That changes today.

Introducing Clay's Facebook integration, the world's first way to search your Facebook friends and get reminded about their birthdays in one click.

Start by connecting your Facebook account in Settings. Then sit back while Clay imports your Facebook friends, along with their photo and birthday. Every time it's one of your Facebook friends' birthdays, you'll get a push notification. Click on the notification to easily say Happy Birthday 🎉 or skim through your notes to remember your previous conversations.

You're finally free to delete Facebook.

About Clay

What if a contacts app was designed from the ground up to help you deepen relationships? Not just to hold numbers or addresses, but to let you know when a friend moves or changes jobs? What if it reminded you to reach out when it's been a while? Meet Clay, a private social network, stunning address book, and so much more.