Make the most of all your relationships.

What if a contacts app was designed from the ground up to help you deepen relationships? Not just to hold numbers or addresses, but to let you know when a friend moves or changes jobs? What if it reminded you to reach out when it's been a while? Meet Clay, a private social network, stunning address book, and so much more.

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Accompany was an amazing tool for preparing for you day and getting ready for meetings. If you want to continue getting great dossiers on your upcoming meetings each morning—and a whole lot more—you're going to love Clay.

Clay is a beautiful, private version of LinkedIn that's just your rolodex, with nothing else. Connect your calendar, email, Twitter, and LinkedIn to automatically build your network from the ground up. Search for anyone, take notes, and find out when your connections are in the news. It's the best parts of Accompany, reinvented for the 21st century.