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What are Yaiza Martinez’s favorite books?
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Yaiza Martinez

Founder & Lead Designer at Tanic Design ☀ I ihelp you create a lucrative business without constantly worrying about attracting customers ◗ 7+ Years in Hospitality Interior Design ➞ Reach me at
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Yaiza Martinez is a highly experienced and talented interior designer, known for her ability to create unique and captivating architectural concepts. With over 5 years of experience in the field, she has worked with top design companies across Europe, honing her skills in creating spaces that tell a brand's story and evoke positive emotions. She holds a degree in Interior Design from the Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón and has recently completed a Hotel Planning and Design Certificate from Cornell University.

As the founder and lead designer at Tanic, an interior design agency based in Abu Dhabi and London, Yaiza combines her passion for design, technology, and creative thinking to develop effective solutions for brand development. Her goal is to help startups and fast-scaling companies boost their growth through compelling interior design strategies. At Tanic, Yaiza takes a holistic approach to design by undertaking business conceptualization and planning, ensuring that each project aligns with the client's vision and brand story.

Yaiza's expertise lies in consulting with clients, managing design initiatives, and working on hospitality and commercial projects. With a focus on team leadership and goal-oriented approaches, she ensures that client satisfaction is always the top priority. She is driven by a desire to create tailored and visually stunning design solutions that capture the essence of a brand and drive its success.

To explore Yaiza's portfolio and learn more about Tanic's design services, visit their website at For business opportunities or to discuss your interior design needs, you can reach out to her via email at or call +971 52 759 0020. To schedule a consultation, book a call with Yaiza at Stay updated on Tanic's latest projects and designs by following them on Instagram at

In summary, Yaiza Martinez is a talented interior designer with a passion for creating captivating spaces that tell a brand's story. With extensive experience in the field and a commitment to client satisfaction, she founded Tanic to help startups and fast-scaling companies achieve their growth potential through compelling interior design strategies. Contact her today to bring your brand's vision to life.

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