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What are some of Stacey Brown-Sommers’s interests or hobbies?
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Stacey Brown-Sommers

Has the talent for talent to design, develop, test and train.
Portland, Oregon, United States
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Stacey Brown-Sommers is a seasoned professional with a diverse and impressive background in QA, localization, staffing, HR, management, training, development, websites and more. She has studied MBA, Technical Management at University of Phoenix, and BA in Communications and English from Brigham Young University. Brown-Sommers is also an active part of many organizations like MindLink Resources where she holds the position of President/CEO (Owner), former Director, Managed Services at PTIGlobal, former Resource Manager at PTIGlobal, former Business Unit Manager at Lionbridge, former Project Manager at Data Dimensions / ST Labs, and former Manager Customer Service and Training at ADCS.

Her company, MindLink is all about linking people from different backgrounds, languages, and talents to work on interesting and creative projects together. She believes in facilitating inter-cultural communication, development, testing, training, cloud hosting and more, to create something amazing. Brown-Sommers strives to work on projects where she can get lost for hours in her "flow". She has a strong belief that many minds are better than one mind when it comes to creating something great.

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