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Summarize Rich Boschi’s background before I meet with them
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Rich Boschi

Associate Marketing Director at Sanofi Consumer Healthcare
Chattanooga, Tennessee
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Rich Boschi is an accomplished Associate Marketing Director with years of experience in the pharmaceuticals industry. He's skilled in Marketing Management and has demonstrated his ability to create effective marketing strategies for consumer products. With a strong education and a degree in exercise science from the University of Birmingham, Rich has held positions at various organizations such as Cambridge Design Partnership, Sanofi, and Johnson & Johnson.

During his tenure at Sanofi, Rich held the position of Associate Marketing Director - Allergy and CC Strategy and Innovation where he led the Rx to OTC switch for Nasacort and Xyzal brands. He also held the position of Senior Brand Manager and Brand Manager, where he led various innovation and base business projects.

Outside of pharmaceuticals, Rich has also held positions such as Founding Executive Director of Vodbull UK Limited, showcasing his diverse skillset.

Overall, Rich Boschi is a skilled marketing professional with a strong background in consumer products and marketing strategy.

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