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What is Paul Roevens tweeting about?
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Paul Roevens

Advisor - Digitalization - Innovation - Coaching - Learning - Mentoring - Networking - Future of Work - Wellbeing - Sports ⚾
Antwerp, Flemish Region, Belgium
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Paul Roevens is a seasoned professional with expertise in the future of work, talent sourcing, and GIG economies. He has held permanent and interim positions in large service corporations, SMEs, startups, and non-profits. He is passionate about creating associations and ecosystems for new ways of working based on simplicity. Paul has experience in advising, mentoring, coaching, managing, and directing organizational teams. He values lifelong learning and personal development and is an active participant in mentorship programs. Paul has studied Humaniora and EHOKT Information Technology and is a former Belgian Sergeant. When not working, Paul enjoys long-distance running, cycling, and watching baseball with his family.

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