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Summarize Patrick Delaney’s background before I meet with them
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Patrick Delaney

Founder at Confrnz, LLC
Stanford, California, United States
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Patrick Delaney is a seasoned innovator with extensive experience in tech leadership, product development, software development, tech community organizing, and strategy work for enterprise. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota and has a deep education in machine learning, deep learning, software development, natural language processing, electronics design, and manufacturing. His portfolio includes diverse skills in Javascript, HTML, CSS, Jekyll, Bootstrap, NPM, Chrome Dev Tools, Matlab, Python, C++, Ruby-on-Rails, Numpy, Pandas, statistical analysis, image recognition, SQL, Lambda, Scipy, LaTex, GIT, Github, Bitbucket, AWS, S3, Heroku, SSL, Digital Ocean, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, Debian, EC2, Cloudfront, Postgres, MongoDB, DynamoDB, SQLite,, Power Electronics design, circuit design, soldering and prototyping, PCB design, coil design, optical design, freeCAD, openscad, CNC milling, plastic injection molding design principles, Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, and more.

Over the years, Patrick has founded and managed several businesses with a cumulative gross revenue of over $1 million, including Confrnz, LLC, Kconfs, IoT Fuse, and The Solar Ninja. He has also played pivotal roles in Optum Garage at UnitedHealth Group, Lumificient, Manutech, Eastek International, Dr. Schenk, GmbH, COSMOS IGNITE INNOVATIONS PVT. LTD, Forest Restorations, among others. Additionally, he trained under former Vice President of Operations for Wesco International $WCC and Samsung Semiconductor and organized a nationally recognized conference and workshop series, "Internet of Things Fuse" or "IoTFuse™," which has sponsors like Google, Microsoft, AWS, Digikey, Arrow, and other widely recognized players in the IoT sector.

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