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Vipin Gyanchandani

Software Engineer 2 (Big Data) at Zulily
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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Vipin Gyanchandani is a highly skilled software developer and data scientist with experience in cloud computing, big data engineering, NoSQL, data analytics, and applied machine learning. He is fluent in Java and Python and has a strong background in building batch ETL pipelines. His expertise extends to Hive, MapReduce, and Apache Airflow, and he has experience with various big data platforms on AWS and GCP. Vipin holds a Master's degree in Management Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management. He has worked as a Software Engineer 2 (Big Data) at Zulily, Data Engineer (Enterprise Analytics) at CVS Health, and Graduate Teaching Assistant (Java) at Carnegie Mellon University, among other positions. Vipin is experienced in time series, NLP, classification, regression, clustering, PCA, big data analysis, data visualization, data wrangling, and feature engineering. He is also skilled in using ML libraries such as Keras and Scikit-learn, and Python libraries including Pandas, Numpy, and Seaborn.

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