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What are Mikaela Reyes’s favorite books?
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Mikaela Reyes

Co-Founder @ Parallax - get paid from abroad faster & cheaper
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San Francisco Bay Area
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Mikaela Reyes is a multifaceted professional with a strong background in innovation and technology. She is a community builder, writer and hiphop dancer in addition to her remarkable career in technology. Reyes has worked as a Product Manager at reputable companies such as LinkedIn and Kumu. She is also the Co-founder of a currently stealth startup. Reyes has studied Economics, Psychology and Data Analysis at Wesleyan University and Software Engineering at Horizons School of Technology. She embraces education and is an HBS Core Credential holder. Reyes has a passion for advocating for access to resources, societal change and impacting the growing innovation and tech scenes, especially in emerging markets. She is a former KPCB Product Fellow and a Female Founder Track participant at Dorm Room Fund. Outside work, Reyes is an avid user of #ClassPass and a member of Women in Product community, amongst other community affiliations.

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