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What is Matt Stigall tweeting about?
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Matt Stigall

Growth Marketer and Community Builder
Atlanta, Georgia
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Matt Stigall is a multi-faceted sales and marketing professional with a wealth of experience across a broad range of fields. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and has worked in industries including raw materials, online video solutions, video production, embedded software and protocols, and VoIP. Matt has a unique approach to sales and marketing that balances creative thinking with deep statistical analysis. He is a motivator and encourager who enjoys inspiring people to do what they love and guiding them towards success. Matt has held numerous positions, including Manager of Digital Marketing and Analytics at Benevis, President of ATL Circuit, Marketing Analyst at Benevis, Co-Founder of Soccermetrics Research & Consulting, Founding President of Terminus Legion, Owner of Stigall Media, Account Executive at Multicast, Lead Specialist at Multicast, and Customer Service Intern at Imerys.

Nov 29 · Via Twitter

@MatthewLGunning @gtryan @bluestein What if you graph this as % of non Election Day votes (Advanced + mail in)


Jul 18 · Via Twitter

@mihirpshah @gtryan @petesaunders3 @conorsen Also B1G wants to recruit Georgia and the SE. That’s why I think GT and Miami are good fits.

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