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Matej Ftacnik

Slovak Republic, Slovak Republic

Matej Ftacnik is a co-founder and CXO of VacuumLabs, an organization of more than 200 experts specializing in the development of modern tech stacks that deliver sophisticated products and services to corporations and start-ups. Matej is also a co-founder of The Spot - Booster, the first Slovak startup creative space & accelerator, which encourages business development activities such as corporate consulting, fundraising support, education and mentorship for start-ups. VacuumLabs also organizes conferences, meet-ups, and workshops frequently focused on modern front-end technologies. Their flagship event, ReactiveConf, hosts 700+ attendees from Europe and features over 25 speakers a year.

Matej has a rich educational background, with a degree in both Mgr., Applied Informatics and Bc., Applied Informatics from Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave. Matej has accomplished extensive business and entrepreneurship experience, showcasing his expertise in strong sales, investment, and marketing, with experience in companies such as Nicereply, Quality Unit, Lingibli s.r.o., and iNOVA sys. Matej has further showcased his talent and expertise in building and scaling companies.

Matej's experience in organizing and supporting startup ecosystems in Slovakia has helped evolve the startup scene in the country by hosting Prague's Start-up Summit, Startup Camps monthly meetups, and organizing Slovakia's first Start-up Weekends, for which he received the National Start-up Award in 2011.

Matej is known for his passion for traveling and adventure, exploring various cultures and sampling good food and whisky along the way. He also values the time spent with his family and is always looking to meet new people with unique personal stories to share.

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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.