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Maria Santolaria

Global Program Director at IDEO
Greater Barcelona Metropolitan Area
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Maria Santolaria is a critical thinker, team player, and design passionate individual who is driven by purpose and sustainability. With a diverse educational background in Usability, User Experience, Innovation Leadership, Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility, Design, and Environmental Sciences, she brings a unique perspective to her role.

Currently serving as a Global Program Director at IDEO, Maria collaborates with clients to define strategic visions and ensures overall program health, including content, team, financials, and client relationships. She has also held various key positions in renowned organizations such as Banco Sabadell and Foxize School, contributing her expertise in human-centered design, innovation, and venture design.

Throughout her career, Maria has been involved in academia as a Visiting Professor at IE Business School and has taught courses on design thinking. Her practical experience in insights, strategy, and innovation consultancy at companies like Fjord and Smart Design showcases her digital-savvy approach to problem-solving and creativity.

Maria's work transcends borders and industries, reflecting her passion as a world traveler and sustainability enthusiast. Her role as a dot connector and idea generator underscores her ability to drive transformational impact at scale, making her a valuable asset in the field of design and innovation.

With a keen interest in interdisciplinary collaborations and an insatiable curiosity, Maria Santolaria embodies the qualities of a forward-thinking professional who is dedicated to creating positive change through thoughtful storytelling and purpose-driven initiatives.

Apr 17 · Via Twitter

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Apr 17 · Via Twitter

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