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What are some of Mac Kurata’s interests or hobbies?
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Mac Kurata

Actuarial / Insurance recruiting across Asia Pacific region
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Hong Kong SAR
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Mac Kurata is an accomplished professional in the field of actuarial and investment recruiting within the insurance sector. With a strong expertise in traditional and non-traditional actuarial roles, Mac specializes in recruiting for life insurance, property and casualty (general insurance), reinsurance, and consulting firms. He is also well-versed in sourcing talent for various roles such as product development, marketing, underwriting, and portfolio management within the insurance industry.

Mac holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Robot Controlling from Hokkaido University, showcasing his strong educational foundation. With a keen eye for talent and a deep understanding of the Japanese market, Mac has successfully sourced candidates at all levels, from students to management positions.

As the President and Managing Director of Prolink Consulting, Mac leads a team of professionals in providing top-notch actuarial and investment recruitment services. Prior to this role, Mac served as the Senior Actuarial Recruiter for both the Japanese and Australian markets at The Emerald Group, where he honed his skills in identifying and attracting top talent. He has also worked as a freelance recruiter, focusing on finance-related roles.

With his extensive experience in actuarial and investment recruiting, Mac Kurata has built a strong network within the insurance industry, particularly in the Asia Pacific region. He has successfully helped companies in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other countries find exceptional candidates.

As a highly knowledgeable professional in the insurance and actuarial fields, Mac brings a wealth of expertise to his clients. His dedication to providing excellent service and finding the right fit for both employers and candidates has earned him a reputable position in the industry.

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