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Lyjor Amorim

IT Manager / Zabbix Senior Consultant / Power BI Specialist
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
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Lyjor Amorim is a seasoned IT entrepreneur, professional, and professor with nearly three decades of experience in various areas of the technology industry. He has expertise in network infrastructure, security, system development, web, and business intelligence. Lyjor is passionate about teaching and has managed teams across various profiles, hierarchical levels, and environments, always focused on company goals and missions. He believes that professionals can always improve, regardless of their age or knowledge, and strives to expand his horizons and skills daily.

Lyjor's educational background includes studying Gestão Tecnologia da Informação and Tecnologia Da Informação at Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas. He has held chief technology officer (CTO) roles at Hybank, Rocket do Brasil Sistemas Para Internet, Agência Digital S/A, and other companies. He has also worked as a consultant and instructor for various companies, including Ka Solution, Green Tecnologia, and Senac São Paulo. Lyjor is a former owner of GoodFellas Barbearia, Leader Tecnologia e Serviços Ltda, and 32DLL Tecnologia.

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