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Who are Kyle Acierno’s most high-profile connections?
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Kyle Acierno

CEO of ispace technologies U.S.
Denver, Colorado, United States
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Kyle Acierno is an internationally recognized expert in commercial space and lunar exploration. With over a decade of experience in space science, engineering, law, policy, finance, and business development, he has become an influential voice in the field. Kyle has spoken at more than 100 conferences worldwide and is a member of various working groups and forums. As the current CEO of ispace technologies, U.S., he leads a team of accomplished professionals whose focus is on lunar exploration and transportation. ispace technologies has its headquarters in Japan, and regional offices in Luxembourg and California. The company formerly managed the front-running competitor in the Google Lunar XPRIZE and has raised more than $120M USD. Kyle is a Canadian and Italian citizen who has visited over 100 countries and speaks multiple languages. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Security, a Master's Degree in Space Studies, and has studied at Charles University in Prague.

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