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Who are Katie Schmidt’s most high-profile connections?
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Katie Schmidt

Training, Certification, & Technical Aptitude evangelist
Dallas, Texas, United States
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Katie Schmidt is a technical education and certification expert with a customer-focused approach to building and growing programs. With her extensive experience in technology, education, instructional design, publishing, and program marketing, she has developed a passion for enabling technologists to be the best version of themselves. Katie has a practical and comprehensive knowledge base in SaaS, curriculum development, sales engineering, credentialing, psychometrics, big data analytics, marketing, and team building and development, among other things.

Katie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and Political Science from Baylor University and a Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from the University of Houston. She has held several positions in the education and technology industries, including Certifications Sr. Manager at Tanium, Certification Exam Development & Delivery Program Manager, and Global Certification Program Specialist at Splunk, and Sr. Test Development Manager and Content Specialist at Pearson plc.

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