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What are Julia Senesac’s favorite books?
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Julia Senesac

Senior Business Analyst at Global Resources, LLC
Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
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Julia Senesac is a seasoned Marketing Strategist and Consultant, with over 30 years of experience and 300 marketing plans under her belt. She specializes in improving her client's business prospects through her expertise in Content, Search and Social Media Marketing, including Facebook Advertising, Client Acquisition, and Local SEO. She is a Savvy Strategist who serves Financial Professionals such as CFPs, CPAs, CLUs, Credit Repair, Medical Billing, Payment Processing firms, and high-earning professionals like Dentists, Orthodontists, and Cosmetic Surgeons.

Julia's expertise lies in creating and implementing successful digital advertising campaigns, specifically on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and YouTube. She has experience in content creation, lead generation, social media profile design and engagement plans, video marketing and presentation, email marketing, and market research and trend analysis. She is skilled in analytics, strategy and planning, SEO, retargeting, remarketing, event planning, promotion, and press releases.

In terms of education, Julia has a background in business and economics from Colorado State University and humanities from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She also completed a master's certificate in Internet Marketing, which included courses on integrated web strategies, SEO marketing, usability, advanced interactive marketing, and measurement at the University of San Francisco.

Julia has held several positions throughout her impressive career. She was the former President at cdsMethod, Green Decontamination, Executive Director at VETERANS COMPASS OF NORTHERN COLORADO, Manager of Client Happiness at Top Gun Pressure Washing, Director of Product Promotions at Stream Prime, Producer, and Director of Marketing at HBA Home Show, and Volunteer Organizer at Mashable Social Media Day Fort Collins. Additionally, she has held positions as Social Media and Marketing Director at Screen Door Studios, Director District C at PSD Board of Education, Marketing Director and CEO at Business Entree, Sales Manager at Marriott Hotels, and Broker at Paine Webber, and Retirement Trust Administrator at Resources Trust.

Julia's experience with diverse organizations and her ability to create and execute effective marketing strategies make her a valuable asset to any company. Her exceptional skills in digital advertising, content creation, and trend analysis, among others, make her a well-rounded professional.

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