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What are Jonas Mangerud’s favorite books?
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Jonas Mangerud

CEO of Heartbreak Management & Pholk + Founder, CFO and chairman of Coright AS
Oslo, Oslo, Norway
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Jonas Mangerud is an entrepreneurial individual known for his innovative thinking and emphasis on creating inclusive work environments.

With a diverse work experience starting from a young age as a paperboy and later in staffing agencies for companies like Shell, VG, Norsk Gallup, and KPMG, he gained valuable insights and skills.

His entrepreneurial journey includes founding a booking platform for the advertising industry, which evolved into Heartbreak Management and Pholk, where he managed top fashion models from Norway and Denmark, building a strong presence in the advertising and fashion industry over nearly two decades.

In 2018, Jonas co-founded Coright, focusing on developing an IPR platform for collaborative value chains in the content industry, aiming to provide transparency and control for content creators, users, and intermediaries.

Jonas Mangerud's educational background includes studying Markedsøkonom at Næringsakademiet.

His roles have included being the CEO at Heartbreak Management Oslo, Chairman at Coright AS, CFO & Founder at Coright AS, CEO at Heartbreak Management Copenhagen, and CEO & Founder at Pholk.

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