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Joel Hobson

Account Executive at Paylocity
California, United States
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Joel Hobson is an accomplished Senior Account Executive who counts on a vast experience in consultative selling, building and managing strong client relationships during his career in the field. He is renowned for delivering accurate forecast reports, navigating through different stakeholders, and surpassing sales quotas, successfully creating and executing sales presentations, and identifying and prospecting into new markets to uncover undiscovered revenue opportunities. With a track record of selling into various industries ranging from hospitality to technology, he has worked with small and large companies alike, from startups to established businesses with up to 2,000 employees. Joel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the University of Redlands. He currently serves as an Account Executive at Paylocity, having previously held positions such as Senior Account Executive at Software Anywhere, Business Process Consultant at Oasis Outsourcing, and Account Representative at Provident Equipment Finance, among others. Joel's expertise includes cross-selling and upselling techniques, pipeline management, sales strategies, sales projections, sales data analysis, and value-added services.

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