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What are Jeanna Wong’s favorite books?
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Jeanna Wong

Patient Support Associate - Coder in Training
Highland Park, Illinois, United States
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Jeanna Wong, an IT business analyst turned patient support associate, is making waves in the healthcare industry through her dedication to problem-solving, collaboration, and results-driven mindset. Armed with a Master of Science in Technology Management and a Bachelor's degree in Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology and Psychology, Wong spent five years leading and implementing software-application projects in the medical products industry as an IT project manager and business analyst at Baxter International Inc. Her passion for collaboration and quick learning led her to pivot her career into healthcare, where she currently works as a Patient Support Associate at NorthShore University HealthSystem. Outside of her day job, Wong is a beginner coder, attending a web development bootcamp and pursuing a data science bootcamp, with a long-term goal of applying her technical skills in healthcare analytics to improve patient-driven outcomes. In her free time, Wong enjoys trying new foods, engaging in outdoor recreation and adventure, running with her quad running club, and playing the piano.<br><br>

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