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Jean Menezes

UX - UI Designer with Emphasis on Visual Design
San Francisco, California, United States
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Jean Menezes is a talented UX-UI Designer with a keen interest in crafting designs that effectively communicate a brand's mission and value proposition to their customers. With a passion for idea generation and high-fidelity prototyping, he skillfully navigates every stage of the UX process to create stunning visual representations of the intersection between a product or service and its customers' needs and ambitions.

His educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, as well as certificates in IOS for designers from CodePath and Digital Illustration from City College of San Francisco. He also served as a Teaching Assistant & MFA Candidate at University of California, Davis.

Jean has previously worked as a Freelance UX-UI Designer - Visual Designer at Self Employed, a Digital Designer - UI Designer at Macy Office of Design, an Illustrator/Assets Manager at Cafundó Estúdio Criativo, and a Graphic Designer at 2:1 Design Industrial. He is in the process of transitioning into roles where the product design marks the beginning of a client's journey, with a focus on ongoing improvement and collaboration.

Jean's ultimate goal is to empower individuals to seize opportunities, act on their inspirations, and strive for personal growth. He seeks out organizations that encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, inspire their customers to better themselves, and prioritize the self-growth of their employees.

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