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Summarize Jamie Watkins’s background before I meet with them
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Jamie Watkins

Founder & Owner of Blue Sky Equity - Optimist - Family - Friends - Dad*3 - Music - Meditate - Run - Be - Balance - Clarity - Gratitude - Love - Hope - Purpose - Peace - Give Back - “The Journey is the Destination"
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Jamie Watkins is a successful and versatile serial entrepreneur with a passion for giving back, music, and meditation. With decades of experience in strategy, sales, marketing, technology, and innovation, he has built and sold multiple businesses in engineering, software, energy markets, property, and technology through his company Blue Sky Equity Ltd. Jamie has also served in various roles including operations, sales and marketing, shaping commercial offerings, and leading the setup of a USA franchise of RUMM where he served as CEO for many years. A process control engineer, he studied BSc & MSc in Engineering & Computing at the University of South Wales and has been recognized as a Top Entrepreneur in Wales and the Who's Who of Britain's Business Elite. He is currently an Advisory Board Member at Cranfield University and has previously served as Non-Exec Board Director, Consultant, Ambassador, and Chairman/Investor in various organizations including Cancer Research Wales, Defected Records, Let There Be House Records, In It Together Records, Climax Live, Awake Earth CBD, Ffrind Developments Limited, Samten Limited, and Imperium Systems Ltd. Jamie attaches utmost importance to a growth mindset, consistency, and the mantra: "Get your mind right. Get your life right."

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