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Jaime Barrett

Creative Director
Portland, Oregon
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Jaime Barrett is a seasoned creative professional, brand strategist, and design expert with a wealth of experience in typography, illustration, UI/UX design, and leading teams. She studied Graphic Design and Fine Arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and the Western Washington University. Throughout her career, she held key design positions in prestigious organizations such as Mathison, Thesis Agency, Journi, Cambia Health Solutions, Seven25, Parliament, Pinch A Design Office, Ziba Design, Rethink, and Sid Lee. Additionally, Jaime was an adjunct professor and design instructor at various academic institutions.

Jaime's passion for human-centered design shines through her exceptional work, which showcases her mastery of design thinking and her ability to produce creative solutions that are both beautiful and functional. She has a deep understanding of brand strategy and can help organizations build brand identities that stand out in crowded marketplaces. As a former design instructor, Jaime also has a strong interest in mentorship and helping emerging design professionals hone their craft.

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