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What are Jackie MacDougall’s favorite books?
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Jackie MacDougall

Los Angeles, California, United States
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Jackie MacDougall is a highly experienced TV veteran, podcaster, coach, consultant, and speaker known for her work in helping women over 40 find their voice in life and business. With a Bachelor's degree in Communications from Salem State University, Jackie has worked with several reputable organizations to sharpen her skills and build a name for herself. She previously served as the Founder and Host of Forty Thrive, where she shared insights and interviewed successful women over 40. Jackie has also worked as the Creative Director and Producer of TV and Digital media at Morgan MacDougall Productions, Executive Producer, Co-Host at Broadscast, and Supervising Producer and Editor at The Ricki Lake Show/ 20th TV. She is the Founder, Podcast Coach, and Consultant at Morgan MacDougall Productions, where she leverages her expertise to help individuals and businesses achieve success in their podcasting goals. Jackie has also served in other notable positions in the communications and media industry at, Telepictures Productions (Warner Bros), NBCUniversal, Inc., and WHDH-TV. Throughout her career, Jackie has honed her skills in media production, editing, community management, creative direction, content creation, communication, and coaching. Her significant contributions have earned her recognition in many circles, making her a highly sought-after speaker and coach. Jackie is passionate about helping women achieve their goals and succeed in their businesses and careers.

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