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What are some of Hilary Fetter’s interests or hobbies?
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Hilary Fetter

VP of Marketing at Schedulicity
Bozeman, Montana, United States
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Hilary Fetter is a well-rounded and accomplished strategic marketer with extensive experience in both digital and offline marketing. She has a passion for entrepreneurial and start-up environments, where her energy thrives discovering and implementing innovative solutions. Her specialties include all facets of digital marketing, audience development and acquisition marketing, affiliate marketing, media buying, conversion optimization, user experience, promotional copy writing, and more.

Hilary holds a BA in Marketing and PR from the University of St Thomas. She has held prominent positions in various organizations such as VP of Marketing and Director of Marketing at Schedulicity and Skillcrush, respectively. She has also served as VP of Marketing & Business Development at DailyWorth and WorthFM. Additionally, she was Principal & Consultant at DigitalMoxxy and Marketing Manager at Ideal Bite.

Hilary's excellent communication skills, go-getter attitude, and a talent for creative problem-solving have earned her many achievements throughout her career.

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