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Greg Hora

Senior Consultant at Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.
Long Beach, California, United States
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Greg Hora, a licensed mechanical engineer, possesses vast knowledge and experience in piping and HVAC design. With a track record of working in different industries, including nuclear power plants, wastewater plants, and the food industry, Greg is currently a senior consultant at Rimkus Consulting Group Inc. He previously worked with Consensio Systems LLC, Griswold Water Systems, Bechtel, Ultra Sonic Systems, and Praxair, where he held different positions and acquired knowledge in various domains. At the University of Missouri-Columbia, Greg studied to become the competent engineer he is today.

Greg's interest lies in solving complex engineering challenges. As a pipe stress engineer, he has been able to successfully design cryogenic pipes, which require top-notch skills and expertise. Furthermore, he has designed HVAC systems, especially for the food and cryogenic industries.

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