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What is Greg Doyle tweeting about?
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Greg Doyle

Chairman & CEO at Data Extropy
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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Greg Doyle is a seasoned executive with experience working for market leaders like Dun & Bradstreet, Manugistics, and SAP, as well as startups such as CAS America and Navis. Holding an impressive range of revenue experience from zero dollars to ten billion in annual revenue, he excels in sales, sales management, operations, finance, and executive management. With a personal goal of growing an organization to over a billion in annual revenue, he has studied business, Finlistics (finance & logistics), data processing, physics, and economics at top universities such as Georgia Tech, the University of Michigan, UC Berkeley, and the University of Kentucky. Currently, he serves as the Chairman & CEO of Data Extropy, and he has previously held high-level positions such as Executive Vice President of Sales at Demand Solutions and Vice President of Retail at SAP. A true expert in the field, he is also a former Senior Account Executive at McCormack & Dodge, President & CEO at CAS America, and Senior Vice President at Navis.

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