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Greater Orlando, United States

Dr. Roxie Mooney is a healthcare commercialization strategist, digital health advisor, fractional growth officer, and GTM at Legacy DNA: Growth for Health Innovators. She has over 20 years of experience in business practice and has studied disruptive strategy at HBX/Harvard Business School. Additionally, she has a doctorate in business administration, specializing in marketing from Walden University, a Master of Science in organizational leadership from Palm Beach Atlantic University, and a Bachelor of Arts in organizational communication from Rollins College.

Mooney has also served as a Board Member at Pneuma Systems Corporation, Women Business Leaders of the US Health Care Industry Foundation (WBL), One Purse, and Virtual Physician's Network. She is also a former Executive Producer and Host at The Health Innovators Podcast and Video Show, Associate Professor of Marketing - Healthcare MBA Program at Jack Welch Management Institute, Strategic Advisor at Vohesu, Adjunct Professor - Master of Science in Organizational Leadership at Palm Beach Atlantic University, Chief Marketing Officer at Virtual Physician's Network, Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications at WellTek Inc., and Founder and President of RM Strategic Marketing. Additionally, she has held executive and management positions at Stellar Custom Homes LLC, The Blume Group, Cues Inc., Simon, Peragine, Smith & Redfearn, and Winn Dixie Stores.

Mooney helps health innovators make winning decisions, reduce their risk of failure, and unlock their most profitable market strategy. She has created a repeatable method that maximizes market success and helps individuals take their innovations from an idea to full market adoption. Furthermore, she is available for growth strategy sessions and communication and marketing consulting. Mooney understands how overwhelming and stressful finding the right early adoption strategy or pivot path can be, and is equipped to help healthcare leaders take action with clarity and confidence.

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