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What are David Rowe’s favorite books?
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David Rowe

Senior Vice President Marketing at Cedar Gate Technologies
Wilsonville, Oregon, United States
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David Rowe is an accomplished professional with a unique background in anthropology, sociology, and business administration. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in both fields from UC San Diego and a Master of Business Administration in Management from Portland State University.

David’s experience is extensive, holding numerous leadership positions in the healthcare industry. He served as Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at Cedar Gate Technologies, Chief Marketing Officer at Kryptiq Corporation, and Enli Health Intelligence, a Cedar Gate Company. Furthermore, David was the Director of Product Marketing at GE Healthcare and Global Director of Consumer Product Marketing at GE Healthcare before he became the Vice President of Consumer Marketing and later the Vice President of Marketing at WebMD Health Services. His last role at WebMD Health Services was Vice President of Consumer Strategy and Product Development.

David is known for his ability to lead and guide product marketing and development. He is a strategic thinker and has a keen ability to identify trends and turn insights into actionable business outcomes. His vast experience and unique education background make him a valuable asset to any team.

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