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What is Courtney Hull tweeting about?
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Courtney Hull

Systems Strategist + Circular Economy VC
Los Angeles County, California, United States
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Courtney Hull is a systems strategist, impact investor, and plastic-free advocate with a diverse background and a passion for social and environmental change. She studied at The Latin School of Chicago, Brown University, Presidio Graduate School, Emory University, and UCLA Extension, and has worked with a number of organizations in various capacities. As the founder of Plastic-Free Portfolio, Hull is dedicated to helping investors divest from plastic and invest in sustainable solutions. She has also been a start-up advisor at Evrnu, SPC, a social venture entrepreneur at The MAPTEAM, a senior research analyst at Catalog, and an international business development specialist at Cream Surfing Company. Hull's other experiences include high school volleyball coaching, digital strategy advising, and political operations. She is a former board member for Chicago Votes, has been a board advisor for Love Art & and a Shaper at the Global Shapers Community, and has worked as a freelance blogger for Ecorazzi, LLC. Hull's educational background and multidimensional work experience inform her expertise in systems thinking, supply chain design, political operations, and sustainable investing. As an adventure magnet, she enjoys exploring the outdoors and is passionate about creating positive social and environmental impact.

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