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What are some of Chris Salisbury’s interests or hobbies?
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Chris Salisbury

Building and Developing Scalable Sales Teams for Success
Greater Boston
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Chris Salisbury is an accomplished entrepreneur and business expert with years of experience in business management, sales consulting, sales process, marketing, and start-up environments. He has worked with small and mid-market to global enterprise environments and has direct experience with hi-tech, software, computer, networking, security equipment and telecom. Chris's focus is on early-stage start-ups, VC backed, and high-growth companies, where he provides strategic sales consulting and coaching services. He has worked in Fortune 500, Global 500, Inc 500, Inc 5,000, and Deloitte organizations, specializing in global infrastructure and architecture, managed DNS email deliverability, inbox placements, and global email delivery. He is interested in Cloud Infrastructure and Network Performance, Best of breed technologies, Cloud Balancing, Docker, CRO, Business Intelligence, Internet Security, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Science, Big Data, Enterprise Information, Cloud security, Cloud computing, Cloud architecture, Database management, Virtualization, Enterprise Resource Planning, and DevOps. Chris Salisbury holds an Associate degree in General Studies from Keene State College. He has worked as a State Education and Large Districts Sales Account Manager at CoderZ, Manager of Sales, Marketing, and Operations at Balluun, CoderZ National Accounts Manager at CoderZ, Member, and Co-Founder at FastGrowth Company LLC, Director of Sales- Inside Sales, E-Commerce, Channel Strategy- ConnectLeader at Connectleader, Sr. Global Enterprise Sales Manager at Dyn, Direct Sales Manager, Dyn (Dynamic Network Services Inc.) at Dyn, Enterprise Account Executive at Hello Direct, Sales Manager at One Communications, and Senior Account Executive at Connection.

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